Hope For Spring

The title of this post is truly a play on words, but I think the feeling is real for most of us–we want Spring.  Each of us is looking forward to the arrival of  warmer, milder weather.  The Hope Emergency Program is getting ready for the Spring events.

The first event is a $5000 Challenge Grant. The Challenge starts on March 1 and ends on April 30th.  For more information about this challenge read the most recent Newsletter.

The 2nd page of the Newsletter has the dates for other Hope events.  The events are also posted on our calendar of events on this web site.  Consult this site often to learn of new and interesting happenings.

If you would like a paper copy of the Newsletter call our office, (937) 364-1055 between 8AM  and 2:30PM on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

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