New Employee

Let me introduce you to our new employee, George Reiley.

George is a life long resident of Ohio and is currently living with his wife, Sandra, in Westboro, Ohio.

The Reiley’s have a combined family of 8 children.  The youngest, and only one still at home is a senior in high school.  This will change next fall as she will be attending Wright State University.

Before coming to work part time at Hope, George retired as a tool room machinist.  His work history is varied as he has had employment as a crane operator,  auto mechanic, home remodeler, millwright and tree trimmer.  He attributes his “jack of all trades” abilities to the fact that he has no fear of trying any task.

George and Sandy are both very active members of their church. He has served as a member on the board of Trustee and as an advisor to the board.  She has an active role every year in the Christmas pageant, and as a result he does most of the carpentry work that is needed. He has had experience in youth group activities and enjoys spending time with people

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